An Introduction

It’s been a while since I blogged.  Is it like riding a bike?  No. I’m not starting this with a lame analogy. No cliche`s here.  

This blog is for me. You probably won’t like it.  I’m only marginally bothered by this.  You should go now. However, if you insist on staying around, Hi. I’m Autumn. I’m old.  Not really old, no. But, I am not young either, so don’t assume from the name that I am twenty something or younger.  I was Autumn long before the name became common, and I miss the uniqueness the name once had.  However, this blog isn’t about names. It isn’t about labels.  It most certainly isn’t about politics. It may, at some times, be about sex. It may often times be about music. It’s bound to be, at various times, about books. It will certainly have elements of faith and worship. It will definitely be about pain and struggle and the smiles and joys that balance that out.  This blog is for me. If you get something out of it, all the better. If you get offended, I’m sorry.  But, I did warn you at the outset. So, welcome to the rants, ramblings, expressions, dreams, visions, poems, songs, and other general madness, nonsense, and, ocassionally, pretty darn coolness of one Autumn Dawn Leader.




One response to “An Introduction

  1. I will start off saying that I’m offended you felt the need to apologize for anyone who might get offended. Honestly, weren’t you one of my biggest encouragers to stop apologizing for being myself? Now that I have that out of the way I want to say how wonderful this is! I’m super excited to follow your blog and share in your life.Love you tremendously!~R

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