Once Upon A Time

It all goes back to that. Yes, I am a frustrated, overwhelmed, great mess of a woman. I live in a house I dislike in a village I detest.  The friendships that I attempt to have around here ultimately fail because, at some point, they break down on a cellular level. I have unfulfilled dreams. I battle depression. I’m highly misunderstood, condescended to, and often felt sorry for.  Quite honestly, sometimes I feel sorry for myself, as well.  BUT…

When it all gets to be too much to bear I remember that although no one here can see it – no one here really gets it – I am living a fairytale come true. Often, the “stuff” that comes between “Once Upon A Time” and “Happily Ever After” is anything but happy.  But, that doesn’t change the fact that Once Upon A Time a poet-knight rescued a distressed and despairing damsel and they fell in love and fought hell, government redtape, and stupid people to be with each other. An ocean couldn’t keep us apart, and an ocean of passion and devotion keeps us together in an epic romance that some people only dream of and a great many people don’t even believe can exist.

Once Upon A Time happened. And, I hold to the belief that if you got a Once Upon A Time, the Happily Ever After is part of the package. 

See, when you get a Once Upon A Time, right in the midst of misery you still have a Happily Ever After to see you through the financial troubles, the stupid neighbours, the disappointments, the death of all other dreams, the lack of understanding from anyone else outside.

So, yeah… circumstances could be loads better, no doubt.  But, this one thing is right, is real, is unchanging… while everything else (except the love of God) is movable and temporary.   

Almost everything in my life is screwy, except this one thing. Autumn and Jamie are Autumn and Jamie are always Autumn and Jamie. Through it all. We are us. The fairytale swallows up and dwarfs the mundanity and aggravation of, well, of everything else.  Fairytale trumps mundane. Every single time.



3 responses to “Once Upon A Time

  1. "Fairytale trumps mundane. Every single time." There, you go! I hope Autumn, and Jamie remain the way they have been, till the end of it.PS: That is a beautiful image.

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