Living For The Chicken Soup Moments


I’m very down right now. I’m physically ill. I’m lost without my singing voice (this last bout of laryngitis is a total nightmare). My children are acting horrible and I’m desperate for something to change there. And, on top of everything else, a friend who was an amazingly special person and incredibly good and godly man died very suddenly last week.

It’s not happy here at the moment; I’m physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and weary. And, today has been particularly frustrating. Even as I write this, the children are fighting with each other yet again. I have no breath (and no voice) to waste… I am desperate to be able to sing again…but my kids don’t care how important that is to me (I must rest my voice as much as possible in order to save it). I dare say, probably no one begins to understand how important that is to me, with the exception of my mother. She’d be the only one who would “get it”.  But, anyway…  

The proverbial straw to break the camel’s back today was when I went in to fix the kids’ lunch and discovered the bread, that was bought just two days ago, was mouldy! I had a mini breakdown. However, I scraped some stuff together between what was in the fridge and what was in the cupboard and made a decent lunch for them.  As for me, I knew what I was going to have for lunch…

At the weekend, when Jamie did the food shopping, he bought me this fresh chicken soup that I like – especially when I am feeling poorly. I heated up the chicken soup, poured it in a bowl, sat down with a spoon and proceeded to take a bite. 


Anyone remember that book series “Chicken Soup For The Soul”?  It’s a series of compilations of short stories that have encouraging and inspirational themes. Well, this was literally chicken soup, but it ministered life to more than just my body. It was a moment of peace and pleasure and comfort and sanity and calm in the midst of storm. I sat there and relished each and every delicious spoonful.

It was just chicken soup. 

It was SO MUCH MORE than just chicken soup.

And, right now, those are the moments – few and far between they may be – I am living for.


I hope your day will have at least one chicken soup moment in it. I hope that you and I both will look for opportunities to, perhaps, be – or help facilitate – someone else’s chicken soup moment (just like Jamie helped facilitate my moment by getting me the soup). Most of all, I hope that we will all experience many more chicken soup moments…and considerably less sucky-ness!!! Yes. Please.



One response to “Living For The Chicken Soup Moments

  1. Funny how we call naughty things like cookies and cake comfort foods, but often it is the healthier things – like soup – that are real comfort. Healing comfort as opposed to a temporary ‘take your mind of it’ comfort. Anyway I am glad you found something to soothe your soul and hope you get your voice back soon.

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