Music Has Feet

I  will admit that my last post was quite a downer and, to be honest, I’m still wrestling and struggling with it (as I have done all my life…but, I digress, and before I drag this post down into the unhappy realms of “the tortured artist” I will continue on), but today is Valentine’s Day and I have a – hopefully – uplifting post for us all!

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are romantic or not (I’ll admit it, I’m a BIG romantic), I hope this day is a good one for you, filled with phileo (friendship, brotherly/sisterly affection), eros (ahem, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and, most of all, agape (unconditional love, not based on or controlled by feelings: the love that never fails or gives up or comes to an end…real love, in other words) and, of course, filled with music (which could be argued to be the REAL “language of love”).

I want to share the Valentine’s card that my youngest daughter made for me. One, because I’m proud of her (clever girl that she is) and, two, because of the great message I think her card conveys for us all – for all the makers and lovers of music.



On the envelope, she drew me and made my legs and feet look like musical notes. On the card she put feet stickers onto musical note stickers. She knows me pretty well, I’d say.


 Music moves. It walks. It travels (far and wide).

Music has feet!

It goes through boundries…to reach, to touch, to move us.

 It carries us.

Borne along on the notes, the chords, the melodies, the harmonies, the (sometimes) lyrics, we are…



I love the sentiment my perceptive 5 year old shows in this card: that her mummy’s music has feet, feet to get out there. It isn’t bound. It has feet! There’s a lot of encouragement in that. No, it doesn’t change what I said in the afore mentioned depressing post…but, it helps me see the bigger picture more clearly.


Music has feet. MY music has feet. And, here’s to hoping that it travels well, swiftly, and makes its destination: your heart.


Unsurprisingly, I will leave you with a song. A song about love. A song about real love. However (perhaps this will be more of surprise), I’m not leaving you with one of my songs (if you want my music, it’s not difficult to find), but I am going to leave you with the brilliant Scottish folk singer/songwriter Dougie MacLean‘s “This Love Will Carry”. It seems especially appropriate on this day.


It’s a thin line that leads us and keeps a man from shame
And dark clouds quickly gather along the way he came
There’s fear out on the mountain and death out on the plain
There’s heartbreak and heart-ache in the shadow of the flame

(But) this love will carry. This love will carry me
I know this love will carry me
The strongest web will tangle, the sweetest bloom will fall
And somewhere in the distance we try and catch it all
Success lasts for a moment and failure’s always near
And you look down at your blistered hands as turns another year

These days are golden, they must not waste away
Our time is like that flower and soon it will decay
And though by storms we’re weakened, uncertainty is sure
And like the coming of the dawn it’s ours for evermore




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