The Awkward Stages


I’m sitting outside in my back garden on a beautiful, rare, sunny day. The birds are singing, the neighbour is playing guitar, kids are out playing, and I’m…thinking too much. Just because we (physically) become adults (emotional, mental and spiritual adulthood having NOTHING at all to do with age and being TOTALLY relative) doesn’t mean that we are now immune to (physical) awkward stages (again, encountering emotional, mental, and spiritual awkwardness should be expected to be a life long experience). After we made it through the uncomfortable, and ofttimes embarrassing, periods of time when we were kids and our arms were too long for our bodies and our coordination was off and our hormones had a whole lot to do with how we looked on any given day and, some of us, looked downright UGLY (you ain’t got no alibi), we then go through a false sense of thinking that this (rather crappy) bit of life will not be repeated. But it just isn’t true. As we age, as we get old, it happens again. And, well, it sucks. Just saying. Right now I’m going through an awkward stage. Growing my hair out over a much older face, features shifting…it’s painful, it’s ugly. But… don’t those birds and that guitarist sound nice?


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