Check Out SquarePeg (you won’t be disappointed)!

Hey, Everyone Who Follows Me, please check out my husband’s exciting step into the world of Blogdom! There will be truly awesome images (he’s a photographer) and, now and then, look out for some brilliant poetry and prose. Well worth your time to take a look, I assure you.



I never wanted to blog.  I didn’t think I would have the time, nor the inclination, to do it.  Then my wife suggested I use a blog to show some of my creations.  I thought “What a good idea!” and promptly did nothing about it.  Then tonight, just as we were going to bed, my wife mentioned something about a blog written by a friend of ours and I exclaimed, “A blog! I need to start a blog for my pictures!”.  And so I did.

This first image is of my daughter, who loves having her picture taken, and was inspired by the song Paper Angels by Mostly Autumn.  I hope you enjoy the images I put up here.  There’s no point creating them if no one gets to see them.

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