A Million Days

Yesterday I was hit with one of those horrendous tummy bugs that are better left without detailed description; the least gross symptoms being the fever, aches and chills (I’ll leave the more gruesome bits to your imagination). And my husband had to break the news to the kids that they couldn’t snuggle mummy for a bit because we didn’t want them catching the lurgy.

My four year old son’s reaction to this was to explain to his dad that he understood, because he didn’t want to throw up, but then he added, “But, when Mum gets better, can I snuggle her for a million days?”

Is it any wonder why I love this boy?

Jamie told me – in bed, clutching my bowl – of this exchange with Warrick, which immediately had me in floods of tears (I’m emotional at the very best of times, but I’m considerably worse when I’m ill).

Fortunately, I feel considerably better today; the worst of the virus is, I think, behind me. And, I’m thankful. But, what I am most grateful for are these precious words from my sweet boy. Those I will cherish for a million days and ever more.



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