Learning Curves

Voluptuous is a good word.

The Oxford dictionary describes the word voluptuous as:


  • (of a woman) curvaceous and sexually attractive.
  • relating to or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure:long curtains in voluptuous crimson velvet

The word, when spoken or read, immediately conjures up the idea of fullness – a veritable bursting with pleasure; indeed, the idea of the word is that curves give pleasure! How delightful.

Learning curves 1small

It’s a small (small but powerful) shift in thinking that takes me from seeing myself as fat, lumpy and frumpy to seeing myself as our word du jour.

When I see myself as the former, I walk with hunched shoulders – an outward display in my posture of how I am feeling at that moment about my appearance. It shouldn’t be important. It isn’t, but it is. It is.

On those rare occasions I have a more positive attitude to my body image, I stand up straight and tall (like when I sing – which is, for me, a most voluptuous experience) and, regardless of what anyone else’s opinions might be when they see me right then, I am quite pleased with the curves.

It’s about learning to accept the body I’m in right now. Not what it used to be. Because, I can’t get it there again. That’s a realm to which the door has shut forever. I’m not going to starve and exercise for hours on end. I’m not going to disguise vanity and call it a health kick. You heard me.

Most days, that acceptance is exceedingly difficult, to say the least (and there are days when it is impossible). But today… today I am…

Learning curves 2



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