Take “The Bear’s” Advice


I saw this today on Twitter.

I immediately “favourited” and retweeted it.

And, I think it applies to blogging, too.

If I start to water me down just so I can get a few more followers, then shame on me! When I begin to care more about the statistics of my blog and tailoring it to reach a certain demographic or making it palatable to a wider audience, it is no longer an expression of myself…which is, generally, what this blog is about.

So, my advice to new bloggers? Take a page out of mine and @Laughbook’s book and be true to yourself.  Blog like nobody’s watching, reading or judging. Just blog!


5 responses to “Take “The Bear’s” Advice

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  2. Jajajaaa…that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 2 years…i have no idea if this disregard has been the reason for my slow growth in followers but i do know that it has helped me find my true reasons for writing a blog and feel sure, even come to enjoy my writing voice… great advice, thanks Alexandra

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