I’m Partial To The 5th One Down (a rant)

I saw this posted on Twitter today.


Oh, I would certainly use number 5 on a regular basis.

It has to be my biggest social media pet-peeve (after poor grammar and bad spelling, that is): women talking about how much weight they have to lose and those gym/exercise nuts (in their asinine attempts to disguise their vanity and insistence to conform to media’s and society’s standards by calling it “fitness” or a “health kick”) who post (brag) about every run and every single workout as if it’s some blinkin’ virtue.

Poo of the bull! You are are full of it.

You are fishing for attention and it’s no more about health than it is about an elephant. Get real. Stop deceiving yourself and everyone else (well, you’re obviously not fooling me) and admit it.

Then, after you’ve done us all (including you) a favour (called it what it is and have stopped bombarding the rest of us with it), go on and “enjoy” that legs, bums and tums class, if you want to. Just keep the bovine excrement (about health and fitness) out of your statuses and remember that no one but you (and, perhaps, your personal trainer) care about a blow by blow report of each and every time you exercise!

Rant over…well, for the moment anyway.


2 responses to “I’m Partial To The 5th One Down (a rant)

  1. I sympathise!
    One to add to that list would be “Please shut up about how terrible your life is because you have a 2000 word essay to write/you drank too much last night and have a deadline you simply can’t miss…etc etc.

    As I am an undergrad student (temporarily on a leave of absence due to being a caregiver for my mother. I can’t wait to get back to studying in the autumn!), my Facebook feed seems to be full of students whining about how much work they have to do. I probably sound way too sanctimonious and preachy but it makes me so annoyed! In 2012, my mother nearly died. It was a time of great stress but thankfully, she recovered after a major surgery to save her life.

    Anyhow, it made me realize just how much I appreciate life and how it’s made me quite intolerant of my student friends on Facebook complaining about how they hate their lives (FML is a common acronym I see in my fellow students’ posts!) because, really, a few 2000 word essays aren’t going to kill anyone.

    • Oh, students think they have it hard, don’t they? I live in a University town, and students here get everything handed to them on a platter: they get all the discounts and perks and then they go and get drunk (not all, mind…it’s a few that give the good ones a bad name) and trash the town.

      You’re right, Grace, a few 2000 word essays aren’t going to kill anyone – and thinking that life sucks because you have to work to learn and get a degree is just insulting to the rest of us who have real life to deal with.

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