“It can, I promise you.”

“Book and reader, if they meet up at the right moment in a person’s life, it can make sparks fly, set you alight, change your life. It can, I promise you.”

I can attest to the truth of this quote from Sophie Divry‘s novella, The Library of Unrequited Love. Indeed, I’m highly qualified to speak on the subject.

11 years or so, a friend of mine thrust a book at me while I was on the toilet (yeah, a close friend, obviously) and ordered, “Read it.” I was ill and had nothing else to read, and seeing how much I enjoy a good fantasy, I decided I’d give it a go. Even though, close or not, this friend of mine and I were known to have differing tastes in books.  I was in need of an escape. Little did I know how far a turn of a page would take me.

Epic adventure… well, if anything, the readers of this book (and book series) ended up out epic-ing the story that brought us together. To make a very long (interesting, yes, but too long for me in my present state of health to write out again in detail – a lot of people already know the story and I have written it at other times and in other places) short, the reading of this one book got me a husband and caused me to move across an ocean.

Now, read that quote again. Is it any wonder that the celebration of World Book Day is pretty personal and important to me? And, not just me either! Because, the thing is, not only did this book bring me and my husband together, but I know of at least 4 or 5 other couples that ended up together because of this self-same series of books (and have stayed together). We are people who fought huge odds, battled masses of immigration red-tape, had to put up with the “well-meaning” frienemies who told us we were being ridiclous, etc. and we stand as testimony to the power of the written word and how far-reaching and impacting a story can have on individual human stories.

Happy World Book Day!


INDEED! I can promise you that.

4 responses to ““It can, I promise you.”

  1. For me, the book was GRR Martin’s Game of Thrones. Google sent me there while I was looking for images for the characters from the book. I was looking for the images because of the Lord of the Rings – I found a lot of wonderful images illustrating Tolkien’s world so I figured maybe somebody did the same for Martin. And the only reason I read a Game of Thrones is because somebody custom ordered it at the bookstore I visited and never picked it up (bookstores in Slovenia don’t usually stock books in English).
    I think about these things often. So many things had to happen for me to wind up on that forum. My mom got me LOTR in my first year of college. She thought I might enjoy it since I liked all things fantasy on TV (like Xena for example). She probably didn’t know how much it would change my life. Even ignoring the big stuff (finding the love of my life and moving to the other side of the world to be with him), it introduced me to the whole “fantasy” genre, brought me back to reading and I have a richer life because of it. It was indeed a life changer

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