The Face of Borderline Personality Disorder


When you hear from a trained medical professional that, in all probability, you have a personality disorder, it’s a hard thing to take. Even if, like I, you’ve done your research and expected as much. To hear your conclusion supported would be difficult.

Thoughts of, “I knew it. I’m fucked up. This proves I am a mistake”, fill your mind, no matter how long you’ve been fighting to combat such thoughts with, “I have worth. My life has value. I have a purpose.”

Such a diagnosis would seem to support the theory that “I am broken and very little can be done about it.”

This disorder has negatively affected me my entire life. It has made me despair of life. And nothing, absolutely nothing, has helped in a significant way. Life, for me (sorry, Mother) sucks.

I’ve tried faking happiness. I’ve tried being a good, “on fire” Christian, confessing all the scriptures about who I am in Christ. And, I did it with determination. Not for just a short, uncommitted while, but for years. To no avail. Because, this thing was bigger.

That sounds like heresy to most Bible believers. Well, burn me at the stake. Fit me in your theology. You can’t.

I’ve tried meditation. This comes closer to what the Bible talks about when referring to renewing the mind, but most Christians flee from it as “Eastern Mysticism”. But, sitting in silence, reflecting on spiritual identity and the eternal (as opposed to being always caught up with the physical and temporal), is much more effective in becoming spiritually minded (as the Bible says we are to do) than the unhelpful teaching you get from so many Churches.

And, there again, I feel that if I wasn’t so messed up to begin with, this meditation and practice of mindfulness would really make life decent. I can certainly see that in the lives of other people.


I have a personality disorder. I actually am a bloody victim (of life, genes, chemicals in the brain, etc.), as are all who suffer with this. And, we start many steps back from the rest who are able to use these methods to improve life and make it worth living.

Where do I go from here? I will be referred to community mental health. More and varied meds (and med combinations) will be tried. I will trudge on a little while longer to see if anything they do makes a significant difference for the better. If not, however… well, I’ll cross that bridge when it’s in front of me and the other options are exhausted.


2 responses to “The Face of Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. What makes me sick is societies haste to label people with disorders. We as a civilization see the brain as a chemical melting pot, which is easily fixed with prescriptions, yet completely disregard the spiritual side of the equation.

    This is complete shot in the dark, but I believe you are very susceptible to other peoples emotions. While most people can walk through a crowd of negative people while focusing on their own thoughts and emotions, people like me and you cannot help but pick up on others feelings.

    I’m not writing this to devalue your condition, I’m writing this to reach out and show support. I can’t pretend to understand what you’re going through, but I know you’ll get through it.

    • I think, in the past, there wasn’t enough of looking at the physical, brain-chemistry side of things – people were just labelled with a demon. I agree that there must be a balance. But, as I have said in my post, I have gone the spiritual route, even up to including trying to “have demons cast out” me. The spiritual side, as well as just the secular, self-help, psychology side…nothing has helped. This has been nigh on 40 years now. I think meds are necessary. As long as the side effects are acceptable to me, that is. Getting through it definitely remains to be seen.

      Thank you for reading and commenting and, most of all, for the show of support. I appreciate it.

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