Piercings and a Smile


Not showing you all of my piercings. 😉 But, what I am showing is a doubly rare sight…well, a triple-y rare sight. One, this is my face sans any makeup. Two, it’s an untouched photo. Three, I’m smiling. I feel comfortable enough in my metal face to show the world this (or, the tiny part of the world that pays attention to my blog…yeah, thank you, by the way). 

What some may deem a midlife crisis, I call a regeneration (ala Doctor Who).

I’m becoming myself. Someone asked me what I was trying to prove with these piercings. I told her that I wasn’t trying to prove or make a statement to anyone. Other than, perhaps, that it isn’t a “certain type” of person who gets tattoos and piercings; I have always liked challenging stereotypes. But, these facial piercings are as much for me personally as the one I’m not going to show you is (I can’t show you, but, boy oh boy, I can certainly RECOMMEND the piercing to you).

How people, wrongly or not, interpret the way I decorate the house of my soul is really not my concern. I am not my body. And, they are not my judges.

I’m making myself comfortable in my own skin. That’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. And, I’m happy enough with my decorations that I am able to show you my really real face. 😀


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