Cannot Be Bothered


I have a huge case of cannot be bothered. No energy. No motivation. Between the infernal summer heat and the kids being off school (and doing everything they can to torment each other and me), my sanity is at a minimum and feeling low is at a maximum.

To make matters worse, physical health issues are complicating matters and making it difficult to have any desire (or energy) to do anything.  Everything (including breathing) is a chore.

I hate it when I get like this. I want to get up, move, shave my legs for goodness sake! I want to take the kids to the park, go get groceries (food being scarce in the house) and other necessities, but the strength to do so eludes me.

The kids scream and fight and wreck the house while I sit in a lump on the sofa trying not to cry.

In a few hours I must pull myself up and walk Chaos and Mayhem to a summer club thing they are in this week. It gives me a break, but just getting them there drains me.

I know…this, too shall pass. But…ugh…I don’t even have the energy to finish this.


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