Why I’ve Decided To Start Wearing Makeup to Bed


It’s 2015! Yeah, ugh…moving right along (lifegoesonandthatisthetragedy)…I’ve decided to start wearing makeup to bed.

I know, all the beauty advisor types advise to thoroughly cleanse before bed. However, that first sight of one’s face in the morning can set the tone for the whole day.

Now, at the best of times, I’m not a morning person. And, well, now, in my present mentally and physically ill condition, it isn’t the best of times. There’s nothing like waking up and not wanting to wake up and, then, the first thing one sees in the mirror makes one feel considerably worse.

Last night, I wore a small amount of makeup to bed (I’m not suggesting massive go out on the town face here, just enough to look less old and weary and just plain ugh in the morning). I woke up not wanting to wake up, but when actually forced to get out of bed by my bladder, I didn’t cringe away from the mirror; and, when I saw my reflection, it didn’t add to my malaise! In fact, I found that after a bit of wrestling with the cacophony in my head, I could get up, get dressed, wash my face, refresh my makeup and write this blog post. This, instead of not bothering with my appearance at all, slugging about in just a shirt and underwear all day, and getting weepier each time I passed a reflective surface…and definitely not writing this post.

So, this is why I have decided to wear makeup to bed. Because, it just might assist me in getting out of the bed in the morning.


2 responses to “Why I’ve Decided To Start Wearing Makeup to Bed

  1. I often forget to remove my eyeliner and I get up looking like a dead hooker. Someone at my school once asked me that too.

    • Yeah, too much eyeliner…or a non-water resistant or too smudgy variety will be counter productive. It’s why I’m going light and using a non-smudge liner, so as to avoid the dead and/or strung out hooker look. 🙂

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