I find myself irrationally upset about having someone ‘unfriend’ me on Facebook. I say irrationally, because it wasn’t anyone I was close to, just a casual acquaintance from the school run. But,  it’s someone I have thought of as very friendly, a person I shared a smile and hello and simple mummy conversation with in the schoolyard. Plus, she was the one who sent me the friend request in the first place.

I began to notice no posts from her, so I checked.

I’ve been unfriended before, but I have always known why… usually some silly drama. Or, it’s been an issue of someone not liking my position on something. But, at least I knew their reason for the unfriending, even if it does seem to be a rather extreme way to handle differences of opinion.

I don’t know why this bothers me so much, why it’s such a sting. Other than…

I guess it makes me feel rather worthless to know, that, without a word, she’d just ‘delete’ me like that.

And, yes, this is just me bpding out. I know. So, I guess I’ve answered my own question as to why I feel this way. But, it still doesn’t make it right.