About me:

To know me is to know my music. There is no knowing me apart from it.  

About this blog:

Why would you want to read this blog? That’s actually a very good question. There is so much out there vying for your attention, saying “LOOK AT ME! OVER HERE, OVER HERE! IT’S ME YOU WANT! MEMEMEMEME!” We are bombarded. And, as I know with my music, often even very interesting and insightful blogs are overlooked because there’s just such a VOLUME of stuff being put out there. But, that hasn’t answered the question as to why, now that you’ve made it here, you should even be bothered with my blog. Honestly, I can’t answer that one for you.  I can’t insure that you will always like what you read here, but I can tell you that it will always be honest and from my heart.  As I say in the blog tagline, ultimately this is an outlet for me, a place for me to celebrate and to rant about all things “life”.  I would like to think that my insights might bless and encourage others sometimes, and that my observations might cause those who read them to think.  All I can do is to recommend that you follow the blog, stick around, and hear me out.

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