By Any Other Name (a big decision to make)

wpid-20140719_163024_20140720144052585.jpgI remember a long time ago when a publishing company wanted my mother (author and artist Ginilou DeMarco) to write her books under a non de plume (for the slightly less aware, an alias; for the just plain stupid, another name), she didn’t want to do it, and I couldn’t blame her. Part of having talent and sharing it is getting the credit for it as yourself. But, more and more I’m thinking that maybe, just perhaps, that is our ego talking: our bodies have these names, but our souls do not. And, so… I am considering releasing my next album under another name.

I love my name.  I always have.  My name is cool. It used to be very unique.  It isn’t anymore.  Unique, that is.  It is still cool (but, of course, I am biased).  I was proud of my name even back when people never got it right because only a very small handful of people had named their child “Autumn” (much less “Autumn Dawn” – I believe, I was the first…I may be wrong.  But, of all the Autumn Dawns I have subsuequently found out about, I am the oldest…making me the original since 1974) and I got called every other name starting with A instead of my name. Or, worse (and this still annoys me to this day, because I still get it occassionally), they would call me only by my middle name.  Ugh.  My name is Autumn Dawn.  Or just Autumn. It is NEVER “Dawn”!!!

In learning soul consciousness versus body consciousness (the internal and eternal as opposed to the external and temporary), I know that while this is my present name, it is not, however, who I am. This body’s name is Autumn Dawn, but I am a soul. And, the thing is, my music has never been successful under this name.

Now, the talent maybe associated with my body, I know.  But, creativity is a spiritual quality, an aspect of the eternal identity, the being or soul. And, specifically, music is definitely a spiritual thing.

So, these are my reasons for considering a release in another name.  Authors do it all the time (when they want to), and look at Prince, or the artist formally known as, Symbol, or whatever he is calling himself and releasing his music under these days.  And, many musical artists chose from the first to go by another name.  Of course, I know, Prince may not be a perfect example here, because he was successful as Prince…  but, yeah… anywho. Hopefully, you see my point.

While I am proud of my lovely name and proud of my gift (music), it isn’t much of a gift if it isn’t getting the exposure and getting out there.  A gift should be giving.  I have tried.  I have failed and failed and failed.  Well, “Autumn Dawn” has failed and failed anyway.

Thus, this serious consideration to release an album under another name (not sure what just yet).  I would really very much like to hear what other people (you, my readers) think about this.  Talk to me.  I’d appreciate some feedback here.  It’s a big decision.





Gloriously Autumnal

“Victim of Autumn”
Photograph by James Leader, SquarePeg Photography

Today’s Daily Prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn just gives me an excuse to hold forth and make much ado over the best of all seasons. Now, I know I am biased. But, in what other season do you have such glorious contradition and riotous beauty? Autumn is a beautiful mess.

I was named after this season. Decades before my name became the flavour of the month, back when it was unique. I miss those days. I liked having a name as unusual and uncommon as the season itself. It’s an Individualist thing. We insist on being different. I have actually mourned over the (in recent years) popularity of the name. I have begged friends NOT to name their children after me. But, I digress (just a whole lot); I’m not here to talk names, but seasons.

There’s a vibrancy in the season of Autumn that is unmatched in any other season.  For me, what I look forward to every year is the reprieve from the over-hotness (in my opinion) of Summer and the fling of colour before Winter bleaches the land again.

Autumn is passionate and powerful and…magical. Yes, all things Autumnal are magic. She is moody; she is erratic; she is flippant, she is serious; she can be gentle, she can be raging and violent; she whispers, she shouts; she is…wild, untamed, and she has a music all her own. And, I could have replaced all those “shes” with “I”. My mother named me well. She is beautiful (well, I couldn’t have it all…that’d just be greedy).

I love the season for which I was named. I feel intimately connected with it. Last year I had the great delight of releasing my first EP length album. It was aptly titled:

Gloriously Autumnal Album Cover

And, really, everything I could say about my favourite of – and the best of all – seasons, I have written in the title track of that album. I invite you to listen, and fall. Fall for Autumn. She is both the most treacherous and most faithful of loves. I invite you to sing her glory with me.

It feels gloriously Autumnal
Colours swirling in the wind
Sweep me away, again
Carry me away, carry me awayTumbling through the air
The colours beyond compare
Sweep me away, again
Carry me away, carry me awayThe crunch beneath my feet
The vividness so sweet
I’m swept away, again
Carried awayAnd everything is old and new
I begin again, and end with you
I lay me down, and rise so high
In a whisper, I die
In your wildness, I fly
Carried awayThe chill that takes my breath
(How beautiful) this mingled life and death
Sweeping me away, again
I’m carried awayAnd everything is old and new
I begin again, and end with you
I lay me down, and rise so high
In a whisper, I die
In your wildness, I fly
Carried awayCarried away, carried away
Oh, carry me away, carry me awayEverything is old and new
I begin again, and end with you
I lay me down, and rise so high
In a whisper, I die
In your wildness, I fly
Carried away

Carry me away, carry me away
Carry me away, carry me away
Oh, carry me away, carry me away
Carry me away, carry me away


from Gloriously Autumnal, released 02 November 2012
Written and performed by Autumn Dawn Leader.
All vocals: Autumn Dawn Leader. Piano: Autumn Dawn Leader
© Autumn Dawn Leader