Sometimes You Just Gotta (What Music Therapy Looks Like)

I’ve said it before…but, it bears repeating (and repeating, and repeating). Music is powerful. It’s spiritual and can be meditative and healing to body, as well as to mind, soul and spirit. Music therapy is a way to use music as medicine, very specifically and effectively. Playing a hand drum increases blood flow (circulation), singing is good for the lungs and nervous system. But that’s just one aspect (and only two examples). We’ve all heard how “music soothes the savage beast”. This isn’t just a saying. There is good medical science behind such a phrase. In making music, we can focus energy positively and that flow of positive energy and vibration can help manage conditions such as anxiety and depression, as well as being a good therapy for those of us who suffer from mood and personality disorders. Music IS powerful. I made this video to extol the virtues of music therapy and showcase just some of the healing benefits of making music.


Write It Down


Meet my new songwriting pen. Well, how could I resist?

Pens are important. For writing things down. Like, of course, song lyrics and chord progressions…and really good days.

Blogs are good for that, too. Well, for recording really good days, anyway. It’s important to document the good ones. Because, life is too long not to (that isn’t a typo, in case you wondered).

Today I got my hair done (it was a mess, I needed it). It looks better now and, thus, I feel better now.


And, the salon I went to didn’t ask me where I was from or where I was going on holiday this year. Excellent.

I got a new songwriting pen (as you saw above). Honestly, I am so easy to please.

I had fun with The Reason I Breathe. Aren’t we cute?


And, we had a lovely afternoon and evening with friends, just chilling, eating, watching a film (The Hobbit), and playing (Guitar Hero, which, I have discovered, I suck at. I don’t feel bad about this; I hear that all real musicians suck at it). I don’t have a visual of said fun because I was too busy having said fun.

Good day. A day that was more smile than struggle. So beautiful. So rare. So worth the recording thereof.

I hope you had a good day.