Blending In (A Fairy Poem)


Ivy growing,
Tangled, knowing,
Whispers blowing
In the wind.

Seasons turning,
Fires burning,
Lessons, learning,
Breathing in.

She’s emerging,
Passion surging,
Love is purging
Doubts within.

Steps she’s taking,
Hope awak’ning,
Trembling, shaking,
Out and in.

Rustling, stirring,
Gently whirring –
Coaxing, luring:
“Now, begin!”

Dancing, singing,
Flying, winging,
Caution flinging
To the wind.

No more waiting
Time for sating
Thirsts within.

Off she’s going,
Known and knowing,
Shown and showing
Herself again.

Seen and seeing,
Been and being.
Staying, fleeing –
Both her sin.

Ivy creeping,
Hiding, keeping
Secrets weeping;
Blending in.

© Autumn Dawn Leader 2013

It’s poetry, folks. Don’t read too much into it. Or, alternatively, read reams into it. The main thing? Just enjoy it.

Oh, and, yes. The fairy (pixie, ivy nymph) is ME (in the picture, that is…not, necessarily, in the poem..the poem not being autobiographical, that is. Any resemblance to myself or my own experience is completely coincidental, and I refer you to the previous paragraph). 😉