Answers on a Postcard With My Boobs on It


I must, I must, I must increase…uh, I mean, I must blog, apparently. The obsession continues. What is this now? The fifth day in a row I’ve posted? Something like that anyway.

(The photo is superfluous; nothing to do with this post whatsoever…I just did this picture to post on my Facebook page. I like it, so you get it for free.)

Boobs, you say. Well, you might not say. I said. No, I wrote. Boobs. What about ’em? My husband, a photographer, is versatile in his art. Landscapes. Urban candid. Portraiture. Artistic nude. And, in my time, I’ve posed. It’s NOT one of the things I’m ashamed of.

Jamie sells his work on the website Redbubble. Occasionally a print or t-shirt (he’s designed a few) will sell. Sometimes it’s a card or, indeed, a postcard. Moneywise it’s nothing to write home about. We’re talking pocket change (unless someone buys a large print or, even better, framed print…hint, hint…you know you want one); it’s just nice to have the art seen and appreciated…acknowledged…occasionally liked enough that someone must own a little something of it.

Today, he sold a postcard of his piece entitled Surrendered #1. It happens to be one of those artistic nudes I posed for. It features my…chest features.

I wonder, who bought the postcard? Who will receive it? What message will it carry? How far will my boobs travel? They, most likely, will end up somewhere I have never been.

My visage…my naked form… on a postcard. Royal mail, special delivery. Bonkers!

Warning! Abrupt change in subject (keep up). I feel a shift. Like a bit of darkness lifting. I’ve had more energy today than I have in months (one of the results being that photo (not the booby one; the one on this post…so, ok, it does have something to do with this post after all); if I didn’t feel better I couldn’t have gotten in that position .  Maybe, I don’t know…could I be getting a bit of a remission, a reprieve, here? Please. Oh, I would be grateful. Not holding my breath – just like when I feel wretched, it is what it is. It’s a mistake to spend precious energy in thinking too much about it…even to hope. It. Is. What. It. Is.

Hmm…bad pun warning…   Wouldn’t you say this post is rather…titillating? And, with that pun intended, I’ll leave you to contemplate “answers on a postcard”.

Piggies Dressed in Silver


I’ve worn these rings on my toes for 25 years. They are a permanent part of my earthly costume. When I finally move on from this mortal coil, my other jewellery may be divided up between my husband/children/friends, but these will be buried with the rest of my body…  little piggies dressed in silver.

Spring Fling


I sit outside, basking in sunshine that has recently been so sparing – enjoying the Spring-like weather that keeps teasing us and then deserting us to languish in the cold and grey again. I drink in colour, I feast upon hope (which I want not to be a vain hope). I, plaything of Winter, adversary of Summer and mistress of Autumn, long for Spring to come in earnest and speak of new life and growth. It has to be time. Please. Let this be more than just a fling. Stay with me a while. Sing with me. Gently warm the harsh, the hard, the cynical away. Sing of new beginnings and dreams not so far from reality. Give me this, this poetic nonsense; let me have this to enjoy for more than a too fleeting moment, nothing more than a whispered promise you have no intention of keeping. I expect cruelty of Summer, but I expect more of you, Spring! Don’t disappoint me.

Check Out SquarePeg (you won’t be disappointed)!

Hey, Everyone Who Follows Me, please check out my husband’s exciting step into the world of Blogdom! There will be truly awesome images (he’s a photographer) and, now and then, look out for some brilliant poetry and prose. Well worth your time to take a look, I assure you.



I never wanted to blog.  I didn’t think I would have the time, nor the inclination, to do it.  Then my wife suggested I use a blog to show some of my creations.  I thought “What a good idea!” and promptly did nothing about it.  Then tonight, just as we were going to bed, my wife mentioned something about a blog written by a friend of ours and I exclaimed, “A blog! I need to start a blog for my pictures!”.  And so I did.

This first image is of my daughter, who loves having her picture taken, and was inspired by the song Paper Angels by Mostly Autumn.  I hope you enjoy the images I put up here.  There’s no point creating them if no one gets to see them.

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What Time Is It?


Time to get a watch!

I haven’t worn a watch in years; I depend on my phone to tell me the time. But, on Thursday, at a craft fair I was invited to, I spied this, and it wanted me. My generous husband granted its desire. I’ve worn it everyday since getting it, but I’m still not used to looking at my wrist to know the time; doing so will take…time. It’s oddly convenient and satisfyingly aesthetically pleasing.

Caged or Uncaged?


Which bird are you? Which bird would you be?

About a year and a half or so ago, I saw this necklace hanging in a shop window and had to have it; it immediately spoke (volumes) to me. What a visual sermon it preaches! I wear it every time I want/need to be reminded which bird I am…and which bird I want to be.