Forget Redbull… Music Gives You Wings!

“Forget Red Bull… music gives you wings!” – Autumn Dawn Leader, Singer/Songwriter


Mother of Mass Destruction

Mother of Mass Destruction

Sometimes my kids call me “Mummo” instead of Mummy. But, today, it was “Mammo”. It’s like Mum + Ammo. Perfect! I’ve always known I am a…


Do Not Attempt To Dissect Me From My Art…

“Do not attempt to dissect me from my art: my art is the very essence – the deepest and truest expression – of who I am.” – Autumn Dawn Leader

When I first created this quote/picture, I did it out of frustration with people attempting to “get me to see my worth and value apart from my talent”. That never goes over too well with any artist (in any medium), really. It’s not that we are (all) unaware, or refuse to acknowledge, the other (perhaps good) stuff that’s in us.  It’s that we (primarily) want to be perceived and known by our “deepest and truest expression”.  So, that’s what this quote is about. I said it for all musicians, singers, songwriters,  painters, sculpters, photographers, etc. – all artists, everywhere.