Mixed Feelings (an ‘Inside Out’ film review from one of the 1 in 4)

I have just been to see the new Disney Pixar film ‘Inside Out’ with my husband and two youngest children. I sobbed uncontrollably through most of the movie.

The film is one massive trigger from start to finish; there should be a warning put on it for anyone who suffers from serious mental illness. In particular, for those with major clinical depression, borderline personality disorder and/or PTSD. I can’t personally speak for sufferers of bipolar disorder, but if I were you, I’d tread carefully, as well.

Where my mixed feelings come in is as a parent. This film vividly depicts how life damages us all, how our core memories affect us and the role of emotions in the brain. It can be helpful for teaching children these realities.

As a sufferer of major clinical depression and borderline personality disorder, I wish I hadn’t gone to see it. It has left me emotionally pummeled and feeling horrendous.

It’s heartbreaking (somehow more so with it being in cute animation) seeing how life fucks all of us up.

So, you’ve been warned. I wish someone had provided me this same kindness.

The problem is that the other three out of four, who will ride the surface and only see the token happy ending (like putting a tiny plaster on a gashed major artery), are going to be singing this films praises. And, I’m not sure that they shouldn’t be…I’d just love it if maybe they could look a bit deeper and learn something along with their children. I can but hope (ha, it is to laugh).

There’s a lot to be learned from it, real psychological insight. And, if that helps some other people get a clue about the delicate balance of the brain, excellent.

But, I seriously caution my fellow 1 in 4’s who are going through a hard time…and, for that matter, I’m concerned about those of you who might presently be in a good place: THIS FILM MAY SEND YOU PLUNGING INTO THE ABYSS.

I never do blog film reviews, but this is necessary. I don’t know how long it will take me to recover from seeing ‘Inside Out’.