Wholeness That Swallows Up My Brokenness

“In Him I meet wholeness that swallows up my brokenness.” – Autumn Dawn Leader

I call out to God from my depths. The depths of despair. The depths of depression. The depths of depravity. The depths of myself. The depths of my humanity. And, in Him I find mercy, forgiveness, help, hope and healing; I find full redemption.

In Him I meet wholeness that swallows up my brokenness.



It’s me…but in Hebrew!

Everyone knows singing is what I do… well, and if you don’t you must have been living under some Rock of Total Ignorance. However, what some people might not know is that I also love singing in Hebrew.

I was inspired by one of the #SheReadsTruth devotionals based all around the series of Psalms known as “The Songs of Ascents” to set some of these Psalms (I originally wanted to do all of them, but that was a wee bit ambitious with such short notice as I had) to music. Afterall, they are meant to be sung! So far I have recorded four of these, and have done videos for three (they can be found on my YouTube Channel…as well as other stuff of mine that I strongly encourage you to watch/listen to…well, go on, already! What ARE you waiting for?). For this one, even though I did, at first, endeavour to set the whole Psalm to music, I found it impossible at this time to do so. Even with feeling as close as I do to the Psalmist David, and interpreting his unheard music just from his words, I had to limit myself, in this particular song-prayer, to verse 6 and praying for the peace of Jerusalem… but, I wanted to sing it in the original Hebrew…which I have done. So, I have read the Psalm, recording it as spoken word, with the song-prayer (sung in Hebrew) in the background. It’s me…but in Hebrew.

Please watch, listen and join with me in praying for the peace of Jerusalem.